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Houses with exceptional exterior, possessing unique character - a central axis around which the project concept revolves. Duonos Kalno Street and the organically shaped sloped plot, resembling a loaf of bread in form, inspired the distinctive house design and unconventional layout aligned with the plot's topography.

The project aims to combine the key elements of a quality home - privacy, functional layout, a sense of space, modern design, and comfort.

Unique Ideas

The uniqueness of the architecture is achieved by orienting the house's floors in different directions - the rotation of the first and second floors relative to each other not only gives the house distinctive forms but also opens up beautiful views through the windows while preserving the privacy of interior spaces.

Throughout the project, recurring circular shapes create a sense of lightness, coziness, unconventional house layouts, and seamlessly integrate into the oval shape of the plot. The architectural ensemble is complemented by the roof terraces, retaining concrete walls, staircases, and other details on the site, which enhance the overall design without overshadowing the houses themselves.

The intention was to accentuate and complement the distinctive yet minimalist architecture with the expressive terrain of the plot. The composition of two rotated volumes creates numerous new perspectives and intrigue without burdening the space with unnecessary details or ornamentation. In the lush natural surroundings, the clarity of thought and composition helps balance and enrich it.

Gintautas Natkevičius Architectural firm G. Natkevičius and Partners.
Dominykas Kalmatavičius Architectural firm G. Natkevičius and Partners.


The architectural concept of the house is grounded in the chosen materiality - a harmonious blend of concrete, aluminum, and wood. Each detail contributes to the overall quality of the project's exterior: Window system - aluminum construction, emphasizing durability. Facade finish - clinker bricks, showcasing the contrasts of nature. Outdoor terrace - wood, intimately connected with every local.


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Project Location

In Vilnius, on Duonos Kalno Street, the individual house quarter stands out not only for its sloping terrain and architecture but also for its convenient location. Residents can reach their homes via three different routes on paved streets - through Vilnius's western bypass, Ukmergė Street, or from the Visoriai side.

It's just a few minutes by car to shopping centers and stores, with private kindergartens nearby. Right next to it is the Visoriai forest park with walking paths for your active leisure.

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